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David W. Eller

Strategic Management Scientist


David Eller is an expert in the big picture strategy design, corporate development, project risk management, strategic risk decision modeling, simulation, and execution of value optimization opportunities. 

David has led many special growth projects requiring innovative strategy design, cost reduction studies, financial risk simlation, establising new businesses, and unique corporate financing arrangements.      David is a popular national writer about the importance of executing well designed executive strategies for coping with the uncertain global conditions.

David has provided consulting and professional development services for many organizations.  He   has helped many clients such as The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies, U.S. Department of Energy, Gulf Oil, New York Mellon Bank, General Atomic, together with other organizations.  He has significant international experience in a variety of businesses and government environments.

David was the inventor and developer of the first numerical scoring system together with strategic management tools and systems.  

David is a partner with the Microsoft Corporation.  He also serves on the Microsoft Research Board. 

For fun, David is actively involved with numerous community activities including the National Training Center, the Lake Gator Masters Swim Team and Clermont Triathlon Club. 

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